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Thank you for visiting Faché Apparel Manufacturing. If you want to call or email us for a general inquiry, please do so by using our phone number or email address below, or contact us via chat by clicking on the green chat icon at the bottom righthand corner of the page. 


For specific inquiries regarding the services that we offer or to book consultation, please refer to the information below.

Booking A Consultation/Service

The consultations/services that we offer are listed below. Please read the description of the consultation or service type, then select Book Service at the bottom of the page.

Design Consultation

Design consultation is the process in which we get to know the existing space of where your idea lies. Maybe you have a sketch, inspiration photos, fabric ideas— bring it all in. These things will be needed for the design consultation to help us understand what you would like to be designed/manufactured as well as pricing. 

Price: $150

Design Development

Design development is where we detail the design and get into specifics. This is so you get a visual of what the items look like. Our skilled designers will assist you with illustration, logo design, and other digital design needs. You approve or disapprove, we re-work it until you’re satisfied. We work together with you to select the materials and services in order to move onto sampling and product development.

Price: $300

Production Manufacturing Consultation

Production manufacturing consultation is for those who have detailed specifics for production such as patterns, samples, fabric availability units and colors, and/or tech packs. This happens after all steps in product development have been completed/finalized.  You can also book this service is you want us to edit patterns and perform grading/marking.

Price: $150

Pattern Making Consultation

(This does not include fee for the actual pattern) Patterning is the process in which the sketch of the garment is turned into a flat technical drawing and is blown up to create a desired size. Once it is at a desired size, it is pieced out in order to make the shapes needed to construct a garment.

Price: $150

Tech Pack Consultation

(This does not include fee for the actual tech pack. Tech pack pricing varies.) A tech pack is the product of all variables necessary to ensure your product is made correct. Its everything your manufacturer will need to know during the production process from fabrics to construction details. 

Price: $150

Product Development

We understand that many individuals may have the desire to start their own fashion line, but get discouraged due to the complexity in multitude of research it requires. Our design teams are eager to navigate through the process in its simplest form with you to ensure success in your finished product.

Step 1: A design team is assigned to you. Together, you will comprise a vision journal, which will include materials, textiles, notions, garment details, crocies & sizing, financial targets, and pricing.

Step 2: Sourcing – The process in which all materials needed with be sourced, priced, and approved by client.

Step 3:
Patterning – It is the process in which the sketch of the garment is turned into a flat technical drawing and blown up to create a desired size. Once it is at desired size, it is pieced out in order to make the shapes needed to constuct the garment.

Step 4:
Prototype – A prototype is made to replicate your drawing. This is a mockup of the actual design to ensure the pattern is correct and fits as desired. Prototypes are usually done in muslin. Upon completion, client will either approve or make adjustments to garment.

Step 5:
Sample selection – This is done once all alterations or changes have been completed and corrected on pattern to reflect changes. The garment is now constructed with all of the selected fabric and notions. This is the actual sample garment that will be used for production.

Step 6:
Pattern Grading – This is the step in which the original pattern is altered/enlarged to make all desired sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XL, …).

Price: $2,500 per product/design